People: Photos of people who call Asia & Oceania their home. These images can be close ups or environmental portraits of people at work, home or at play.

Nature: From the Himalayas to the sunny tropical islands of Indonesia, some of the most beautiful landscapes, diverse animals and colorful plants are found in amazing Asia & Oceania.

Travel-folio: A four to six shot collection that narrates a story. The essay must be based on an Asian/Oceanic theme and shot in Asia & Oceania.

Sense of place: A single picture from anywhere in Asia & Oceania that tells the viewer a story of what it is like to be there.

Mobile Devices: A single Travel Image from anywhere in Asia & Oceania that was taken with a mobile device.

Ticker for all categories (starting at 100 SGD, going up 1 $ per entry)

Gary Steele, TBWA

Felix Hug, Commercial Travel Photographer

Kris Le Boutillier, Nat Geo Photographer, Media Content Manager VISA

John White, EOA Winner 2013

One overall winner and 5 category winners.

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Entry Fees: 10USD/15USD

Early Bird Deadline: 30th September 2014

Finale deadline: 31st December 2014

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