People: Photos of people who call Asia & Oceania their home. These images can be close ups or environmental portraits of people at work, home or at play.

Nature: Depictions of nature images and landscapes. Landscapes are images of the visible features of an area, including physical elements such as landforms, living elements of flora and fauna, abstract elements like lighting and weather conditions, and human elements like human activity.

Travel-folio: A four to six shot collection that narrates a story. The essay must be based on an Asian/Oceanic theme and shot in Asia & Oceania.

Sense of place: A single picture from anywhere in Asia & Oceania that tells the viewer a story of what it is like to be there. This category also includes urban and cityscapes.

UPDATE: Kindly note that with effect from 18 October, we will be retiring the Instagram category. We will be contacting the participants who have submitted images for this category and the entry fees will be refunded accordingly. The original Instagram category jackpot amount of 140 USD will be added to the Grand Jackpot instead. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Thank you.

Christina Force, Founder of The Collective Force and OPTNZ, Christina is also the chairperson of the NZ Agents and Producers Association. She has worked several years as a photography agent and her consulting practice has a huge emphasis on helping photographers realise their dreams through strategic planning and targeted marketing. She is a judge in several international photography competitions, including the Creative Awards Asia and the prestigious IPA photo awards.

Gary Steele, A veteran Creative Director at TBWA Singapore, Gary has spearheaded countless creative campaigns and is best known for his keen eye for detail and astute creative judgement.

Felix Hug, An award-winning commercial travel photographer and founder of established photography company Eyes On Asia, Felix's pictures have been widely published in leading travel publications such as National Geographic Traveller and Conde Nast Traveller.

Kris Le Boutillier, A seasoned National Geographic Photographer and Digital Content Director for VISA Singapore, Kris has crafted and photographed high-profile stories and images for National Geographic Travel magazines and books, as well as with other major publishers and news organisations.

John White, 2013 Winner of the prestigious Eyes on Asia Awards, John is an award-winning photographer from Australia. His work is highly sought after with clients such as Qantas, Jetstar, Olympus, NASA and many others.

Richard l’Anson, Lonely Planet Images and photographer who has worked extensively across Asia.

One overall winner and 5 category winners.

Ticker for all categories (starting at 100 USD, going up $1 per entry)

The main prize starts at 2280 USD. Starting from 200 image entries with each image entry it will go up by 1 dollar.

At present, the combined value of all the prizes in the main prize pool stands at 16,382 USD.

Check out our Prizes page to find out more information about the prizes and our sponsors.

Entry Fees: 10USD/15USD

Early Bird Deadline: 30th September 2014
(Extended to 7th October 2014 in view of recent addition of sponsors)

Finale deadline: 31st December 2014

Extended deadline: 31st January 2015

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